Ander Louis

Literary Fiction - Hardcover Novel, 2020
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Jen never came home from work. In a small town like Terminal, isolated on the rural Victorian coast, there weren't many places she could be hiding. But as the missing persons case grows cold, her partner Thomas will become dangerously determined to find her. 

War & Peace (Leo Tolstoy)
Translated into Aussie by Ander Louis

Epic/Historical - Paperback Novel, 2019
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Early 1800s Russia wouldn’t be all that bad a place to live, if it weren’t for all the social protocol and that bloody Napoleon bastard, trying to invade the place.

In this new translation, Ander Louis has faithfully reconstructed Tolstoy’s epic masterpiece, line for line, in a style the modern reader can understand. 

This is not a parody. This is not a spoof. This is a faithful translation - line for line - unabridged. Finally, after 150 years, Tolstoy's epic masterpiece 'War & Peace' has been translated into Bogan Australian.

Note: This release is being serialised and released in 16 parts, in line with the original publication.

The Liberation of Sundrian City
Ander Louis

Fantasy/Adventure - Paperback Novel, 2012
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If ignorance were bliss, would you seek truth?

In a sheltered city that has locked itself away from the dangers of the outside world, a band of underground rebels, driven by this very question, plan to uncover the truth beyond their impenetrable wall.

Meanwhile, as he struggles to bring his own life together by solving the mysterious murder of his parents, thirteen-year-old Linus Smith will come to learn – the hard way – that he is a gifted war elephant rider, and find himself in the most unlikely place – at the crux of a liberation.

A Duet for Swans - Book 1: The Home Between Homes
Ander Louis

Fantasy/Adventure - Paperback Novel, 2014
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In the remote town of Wintershire, sixteen-year-old sorcerer Alex feels his power growing beyond his control and fears that if he doesn't find a mentor soon, his magical abilities may become a dangerous burden not worth bearing.

Book One of A Duet For Swans follows Alex as he travels across the land in a magically hovering tugboat on a quest to find the ocean, and to find his true family. Accompanied by Grace - the girl who wouldn't let him embark on the adventure alone - their beloved tugboat will soon become a haven for many others seeking passage to the east - some less welcome than others.

But when town elder Mr Shrew requests that they take a dangerous detour to deliver a mysterious letter, their idyllic and peaceful adventure turns to one of darkness and treachery..