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Current Work-In-Progress

I am currently working on my next novel, a Literary Fiction novel called Personal Fable, and it’s coming along nicely, I reckon.


You might know me as a podcast host - I was the madman who hosted the daily podcast "A Year of War & Peace". As of 2019, I will continue the project under the new name "The Hemingway List". It's a podcast where we read and discuss classic literature in a gigantic bookclub - which is more fun than it sounds.

My Small Businesses

I run two small businesses on the side (gotta stay busy!)...

  1. Up & Up Media, an independent publishing label, and,
  2. Launch Pad Writers Club, a creative writing club for kids.

Between 2015-2018, I've turned 1600 Australians into Published Authors through the above two ventures. Most of those authors were still in school.



The Liberation of Sundrian City (2012)

My first novel, released in 2012, took me 3 years to complete, and was my training grounds in book writing. It follows the story of a boy – Linus – who learns he has a gift for riding War Elephants. This transforms him rather suddenly from an ordinary boy, to a powerful weapon. The question is, what will he do with that new power?

The Home Between Homes (Book 1 of A Duet for Swans, 2014)

The first in a trilogy called “A Duet for Swans”, this book sees Alex, a young sorcerer, travel across the land in a magically flying tugboat, in a quest to find the ocean. Told from the perspective of his life-long friend Grace, who refuses to let him take the journey alone.



Personal Fable (Literary Fiction, Novel)

O2 (Literary Fiction, Short Story Anthology)

Floating Awry (Book 2 of A Duet for Swans)

The Black Ridge (Fantasy, Novel – Prequel story to…?)


--- EDITING, ETC. ---

You can probably tell by now that my passion lies in books - writing and publishing them, and helping others do the same. Naturally, this extends to novel critiquing, mentorship, line-editing, proofreading - etc.

If you're working on a novel and want some support along the way, I might be able to help. Contact me and explain your situation, or read more about what I offer here.

Thanks for reading!