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Personal Fable


Personal Fable will be my third novel. It is currently 80% complete.

It is a story about a guy who's girlfriend goes missing, and the stress of the missing-persons case makes him have a psychotic episode. It's set in a small coastal town in Victoria, Australia, and it is my first attempt at a novel in the "Literary Fiction" genre.



GENRE: Literary Fiction (with an Aussie flavour)

RATING: Mature Readers - Contains adult themes and course language

THIS ONE IS: Terrifying, Dark, Gritty, Grim

FOR RELEASE: Late 2018


What does 'Personal Fable' mean?

I'm going to answer this question with a video - watch this space!

What kind of book is 'Personal Fable'?

Not a fun one... But hey, some of the best books are the ones that kick you right in the guts. Our hero has a fragile mind, and we'll ride along as he descends into the chaotic underworld of his subconscious reality. 

Influences behind Personal Fable are authors such as: Tim Winton (the undisputed king Bogan Lit-Fic), Herman Hesse (mostly Steppenwolf), Albert Camus, J. D. Salinger, Cormac McCarthy, Ernest Hemingway, and Fyodor Dostoyevsky. 

Will there be more Ander Louis fantasy books to come?

Yes - There will be! Book 2 in the "A Duet for Swans" series is on the way, as is "The Black Ridge", an action packed wilderness survival story with dragons. 

What is Ander Louis's Literary Fiction like?

Fair question! Most know me as a fantasy author, now I reckon I'm some kind of all-rounder? Ha! Do I got the chops? Here's a couple of old lit-fic short stories, so you can see for yourself... 

A Response (PDF Format)

Cut Strings (PDF Format)


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