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Thanks for dropping by. I’m Ander Louis, and here’s what I’m up to.

--- NOVELS ---
The Liberation of Sundrian City
My first novel, released in 2012, took me 3 years to complete, and was my training grounds in book writing. It follows the story of a boy – Linus – who learns he has a gift for riding War Elephants. This transforms him rather suddenly from an ordinary boy, to a powerful weapon. The question is, what will he do with that new power?

The Home Between Homes (Book 1 of A Duet for Swans)
The first in a trilogy called “A Duet for Swans”, this book sees Alex, a young sorcerer, travel across the land in a magically flying tugboat, in a quest to find the ocean. Told from the perspective of his life-long friend Grace, who refused to let him take the journey alone.

  Until We Meet Again (Literary Fiction, Novel)
  Floating Awry (Book 2 of A Duet for Swans)
  The Black Ridge (Fantasy, Novel – Prequel story to…?)

Up & Up Media
I started my indie publishing label Up & Up Media, with the intention of transposing the “Indie punk label” business model to the writing industry. My goal was to make the indie writing scene into a… well, an actual scene. Our first book MIXTAPE ONE is a compilation of short stories by indie authors from around Australia.

Launch Pad
Launch Pad is the educational arm of Up & Up Media. It began as a writing program for primary schools, but will evolve into a Writing Club, where young writers can hang out and eventually become Published Authors. 

That’s probably enough to keep me busy, right? Thanks for reading!