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War & Peace


What ya doin, Ander?

Me? Nothin much, just translating Tolstoy's 2000 page epic masterpiece into Bogan Australian.

Oh... Why?

Sometimes the stars align in funny ways - and just as the great comet of 1807 shone on Pierre - the universe has spoken, and it has told me in no minced words: 


Why, though? I mean, I asked, but the stars have given me radio-silence on that one.

As far as I can figure, I've been approaching this thing from the wrong angle. You see, I grew up in a bogan town, went to a bogan school, was surrounded by the lovely folk, raised by them... I speak the language. I walk the walk. But I also speak another language... English!

Coming of age I discovered life-lessons and wisdom in classic literature. Transformative, beautiful literature. I wanted my bogan comrades to be able to experience these masterpieces too, and so I endeavoured to raise them up to the literacy levels required to enjoy Camus, Hesse, Shakespeare, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Frost, Dosto, and of course; Tolstoy. 

Creative writing clubs for young and old, podcasts, workshops, anthologies... ten years I've tried to raise my people to the challenge of reading the classics, with some success.

Some... But not enough. Then the stars did their star-thingy and I had an epiphany: Hey, maybe I am approaching this from the wrong angle. Maybe I shouldn't raise my people to the classics, but bring the classics down to them.

So what's the plan?

We'll do it bit by bit. Tolstoy didn't release War & Peace in one go - he serialised it, releasing it in 16 books. That's how I'll do it too. After all, the book is 2000 pages long - that's a lot of translating to do. Might as well share it as we go! You can collect the box set as they are released - or, once complete, all 16 books will be released in a single volume. 

(Note - if you collect the 16 books as a box set, the spines will line up to make a cool image, which will look awesome on your bookshelf.)

Release Schedule