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ANDER LOUIS ZINE, ISSUE #2 (August 2017)


CONTENT WARNING: Zine contains material for a mature audience (15+)

--- ABOUT ---
I'm in the process of writing a book of short stories, and I'm going to release them one-by-one as zines in their early drafts, as I complete them.

Each zine will also include some extra bits and bobs to make it fun.

--- ISSUE TWO ---
This issue contains a short story entitled "Cut Strings", which was inspired in part by Professor Jordan B Peterson's talks on archetypal modes of storytelling, from his "Maps of Meaning" lectures.

BLURB: An explorer in the wilderness finds an old man fishing on a pier. Maybe he isn't looking for new discoveries after all, but rather, for very ancient knowledge.

GUEST STAR: R.B.R Verhagen. Robbie was kind enough to pen the second chapter of this. Collaboration short story? That's a new genre.

STYLE: Folk Tale

This one is:
Archetypal, Dreamlike, Strangely Familiar.

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NOTE: Ships 10/08/2017