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Novel Critique

A deep analysis and critique on your work, addressing stylistic/developmental issues, appraising marketability, readability, pace, tone, theme, etc. Also providing advice on voice/style, plot, characterisation, character arc, etc.

Developmental Edit

An close analysis of the plot, characters, settings, hooks, themes… the meat of the story. We’ll keep an eye narrative voice, tone, and flow - make sure the story is being told right. Each chapter is assessed individually. 

Proofread & Copy Edit

Finished? Let’s tidy that thing up. A proofread and copy edit are the last touch-ups on a novel, fixing typos, grammar, errors, etc.


A tutor, a coach, a buddy-system, a mentor, a sounding board, an accountability register… call it what you like! I always wished I had a writing mentor, someone to take me under their wing and show me the ropes - so with this service, I aim to be the exact type of support I’ve always wished to have.

About Ander Louis

Ander Louis is a fantasy author, the head-honcho at Up & Up Media (an indie publishing label), and the creator and host of Launch Pad Creative Writing Club. He has published works by over 1500 young Australian authors, edited and proofread countless short stories, novels, and books of all genres, and now… he’s all yours!

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